Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here In London Town

The trip with the family was so much fun but I'm leaving the details for my mom to report on so keep checking up on the family blog for more on our trip. When my family left for home on September 6, I started my own adventure. After taking a taxi to the BYU London Center, I checked in and have been trying to reorganize my life ever since. There has been orientation meetings, class introductions, church assignments, street fairs, walks, plays, etc. So it's been crazy crazy but extreemly fun.
Sunday after church a group of us headed into London to check out a street fair. The reason we wanted to see the street fair was this acting group called The Factory. Basically, they are this group of actors who preform Shakespeare plays, impromptu. When we stepped out of the tube station we were met with this.

The guy holding the flag was Hamlet. They preformed the first act in this location and then we all moved down the street a ways to watch the second act. The cool part about it was you didn't know who were the actors and who were the spectators because at one point a girl in the crowd wearing a backpack and scarf stepped out of the crowd and just started spouting off Ophelia's lines.

Another scene, note the crowd, they were totally loving it. Two of our favorites to watch in the crowd were the woman in the red hat as well as the lady in the blue scarf . . . they were mouthing the lines and all smiles.

Claudius, the King (with Hamlet in the background) after Hamlet's play was performed and he is praying . . . in the pond. Like I said before, it was impromptu so they were using their environment as well as random objects people in the crowd brought them to use. The whole thing was fun, it was a unique environment and the actors were really amazing.

The rest of the week has been pretty busy with the start of classes and homework, etc. but we still had fun getting out and seeing the musical Gigi.

A few of us before the play (sorry the picture is blurry). It was the first time that I've seen Gigi and it was a great time!!!

So part of my homework it to report on some of the places we visit. For instance, today we visited Stonehenge and Bath and so you will probably be seeing some pictures from the trip along with random posts having to do with some of my classes. But I figure I might as well post AND get some homework done at the same time so check back soon!!!

Love you all!!!



tbh said...

Yeah!! You posted!!

Scottie and Kristie said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Looks like so much funnnnnnn!
I bet it's world's apart from Africa, huh?