Monday, September 22, 2008

The Garden of Eden - English Style

On Wednesday, 17 September we left for our trip to the West of England. Our first stop on the way was an estate called Stourhead . . . one of the most beautiful places I have been in England. The architecture of the estate is after the Palladian style and all gorgeous but the main attraction is the huge gardens surrounding the lake.

Here we are (Hilary, Katie, Bethany, and I) infront of the main house, it wasn't even open but none of us really cared, we were too excited for the gardens.

It was a gorgeous day. It started out a little overcast but it was warm and the sun eventually came out. Here is a glimpse of the gardens and their reflection in the lake.

One of the temples found on the grounds from across the lake.

The walk around the lake was about two miles and full of amazing sites.

If you are familiar with the new Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley you might recognize this structure. This is the place where Lizzy finds shelter from the rain and Mr. Darcy appears and proposes/amost kisses her and she refuses. As would be expected, we all enjoyed taking pictures and letting our imaginations run wild!

After Stourhead we headed to the house Thomas Hardy was born in and then made our way to Penzance . . . yes like the Pirates of Penzance, to stay the night in the YMCA hostel.

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Anonymous said...

Your right!! I would have loved it there. I love the last picture with the mist and the purple against the green, just lovely!!