Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Update!!!

So as I fully expected I didn't do too well at posting regularly . . . but I've decided to attempt again. Update: Just after finals in May I jetted off to Hawaii to spend some time with my cousin who was attending BYU Hawaii. We had a blast! The rest of the summer I just worked, teaching swimming lessons and working at a boating store called Marine Products, and went on the occasional vacation. As of right now I am in my second year at BYU and LOVING my classes, which include Astronomy (it sounded fun and it is the most amazing class), Sociology, Later British Literature, American Heritage, and Public Speaking. And just so everyone knows . . . I have not yet converted (and never will!) to the dreaded blue BYU side. I am still a U of U fan and love to show it!

Just as you might expect there are some very interesting people here at BYU and I love watching them. My favorite group is called the Pen and the Quill club. They dress up in Medieval clothes (cape and all) and practice their sword fighting on the grass, or they set up tents and play their flutes! It's very entertaining. Because today is Halloween the characters have really come out. Walking to class I saw a lion and tiger walking together in full out furry, mascott costumes. Of course there are pirates, and pj wearing babies, and boys wearing lots of strange makeup . . . I even saw Thing 1 and Thing 2 in my Astronomy class this morning. Needless to say, if your bored just come to BYU, (or any busy place) find a bench, and watch the people all around you, you may even become inspired.

I was just accepted to a humanitarian program called Families for Children which works with orphans in Ghana, Africa . . . so I will be doing a little traveling this June! I am so excited to teach the kids over there and just experience the world which has always been my dream after watching my cousins set off on their own adventures! My passport is on its way, which makes everything all the more real!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Freshman Year

For those who I haven't seen or talked to for a while I thought that I would just post a quick update of my recent past. I just finished my Freshman year at BYU which was a blast! I lived on campus in Heritage Halls, so I got to cook my own food which was a definite plus for me! I didn't know my roommates when I moved in but we soon became friends with each other as well as our resident ghost Steven who lived in my closet.

Here we are just before our Christmas break playing "Jingle Bells" with glass bottles. Shannon is on the left, followed by Kelsey and KayLee, and I am on the right.

BYU is a little universe unto itself. We even had our own little Family Home Evening "families" with a young man and a young woman assigned to be the "parents." My FHE group was great! Here I am with one of my brothers . . .

And my FHE "dad" . . .

Well, Freshman year passed quickly and before we knew it we had taken our finals and it was time to go home, tired and ready for a break!

Goodbye Freshman year at BYU!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

As with any holiday, today was spent hopping between the Hansen Family and the Brown Family. It was good to see everyone and catch up with family out of state by looking at their blogs . . . so I decided to try one out for myself. I hope I can keep this up! If I can it will be a great way to stay intouch with everyone without giving into the MySpace trend (if you don't already know I'm super stubborn when it comes to some things)!

Summer is going great! I'm staying busy with work--teaching swimming lessons in the mornings and working at Marine Products in the afternoons. I recently cut my hair short which was a huge thing for me but I love it! Especially with my rushed schedule . . . it's much faster in the getting ready department! I also just bought a new car as my brother is turning 16 on Wednesday and needed my old Rodeo. Thus far I am quite enjoying my little silver Volkswagen Jetta, though the car payments won't be too much fun . . . oh well, the joys of growing up!

I love you all!