Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura, Emilee, and Sam!!!

Yesterday was a big birthday day at the center. My roommate Laura turned 20, my friend Emilee turned 21, and another girl from the Center, Sam, turned 20 as well! Unfortunately, we all had classes in the morning and then we all parted ways to get the things done that we needed to so that we could play later. After dinner a group of us took two of the birthday girls, Laura and Emilee (Sam was doing stuff with another group of girls), and headed out on the town. The first stop, as requested by the birthday girls, was a little gourmet chocolate shop called Cocomia. Now I am not really a chocolate person, so I wasn't as giddy and intoxicated with chocolate pleasure as the rest of the girls, I just went along for the fun of it. Even though there were ten of us, as soon as we walked into the shop the woman told us: "I will make you try some of our chocolates," and she proceeded to have us sample almost the entire shop. Then we each bought a few chocolates. It was expensive, about 2 pounds (4 dollars) for a little square of chocolate, but it was pretty amazing and I'm not even a chocolate girl as I already said. If you are ever in London, and a big chocolate fan, visit Cocomia because the girls fell in love last night!
Most of the group inside Cocomia.

After we dragged ourselves from the Cocomia we rushed off to see Hairspray, which is the top rated musical in London right now (imagine that). We got to the theatre about 20 minutes before the show started and were all able to get tickets with our student discount cards for 20 pounds, about 30 pounds cheeper than regular price. Here is our view from the nose-bleeds of London theatre, but the performance was amazing! At one point two of the characters started cracking up and we had a improv moment which was hilarious!!! It was a really fun night . . . Happy Birthday Girlies!

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