Monday, September 22, 2008

English Paradise

On Thursday we woke up and headed to the beach, about 2 miles from Lands End. Once again we lucked out with the weather because there was not a cloud in the sky and the water was so clear and gorgeous . . . to top it all off the beach was actually sandy! Not the typical rocky beach that I have seen most other places in England.

Here is a view of the beach from the amazing sea-side, cliff walk we took. We climbed up and up a bunch of stone steps to the top of the cliffs and enjoyed the views. You can see some of the group down bellow on the beach and the beautiful water and cliffs everywhere else.

I somehow I felt like I wasn't in England anymore. With the rock steps and cliffs and blue ocean I felt like a was in Greece or some Mediterranean country.

Me on the cliffs looking out towards Lands' End. As I was standing on this rock I was suddenly struck with the overpowering need to go swimming. I was able to convince three other girls to come with me and we climbed over the rocks to a semi-hidden cove and took a little dip. The water was a bit chilly but not nearly as bad as some of the water I've swam in.

Happy after the swim. Kaitlyn, Me, Emilee, and Hilary . . . everyone but myself were novices when it came to things like . . . oh, um . . . skinny-dipping. It felt great to introduce them to such a wonderful world of adventure and what a great way to start, in England, in the Atlantic Ocean, on a sunny day!
Talyn, Emilee, Me, Katie, and Kaitlyn jumping in exhilaration on the beach.
Later that day we made our way to St. Michael's Mount, an island when the tide is high but a peninsula when the tide is low. We were able to walk out to the island and tour the castle, which was interesting.
Walking out to St. Michael's Mount (you can see the castle on top).

The Harbor at St. Michael's.

Gorgeous water and sailboat. (P.S. - some of the pictures that I have posted, such as this one, are not mine but from others in the program. This one is from Emilee.)

We stayed the night in Exeter and the next day visited Lyme (which I have already posted about) before travelling home the rest of the day.

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