Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walking Through the City

I was interested to go on this walk and discover a little more about London. From what I have seen so far I have realized that it is always an interesting and fun mix of the old and the new. The financial side of town wasn't much different. At times there would be towering works of modern architecture and at others there would be a church that is hundreds of years old tucked between two other buildings . . . just waiting to be discovered. Another element of London that I was excited to see on this walk was the pubs and other eating establishments scattered throughout the walk. I have noticed that a lot of restaurants and pubs have interesting names so I decided to focus on some of the interesting ones that I found.

There is the simple, such as "Great British Grub."

Or there's the more traditional, like "Lamb's Tavern."

There's the interesting, like "Fuzzy's Grub" here.

Or there's pubs based on peoples names . . . at least I think it's based on someone's name.

I thought this one was funny, especially with the horns and the tail.

There's also the historical such as "Ye Olde Mitre" which, unlike stores in the US with the name "Ye Olde," it really is OLD.

I took a picture of The Jamaica Wine House not necessarily because of its name but because it is standing on the historical spot where the first coffee house in London stood many, many years ago.
But the winner of the day had to be . . .
another drum roll . . .
some trumpets . . .

"Hung Drawn and Quartered." Need I say more? In the past, London has not been known for its food, but the names of the pubs make up for everything else . . . almost.

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Anonymous said...

ok, probably not on your walk, but remember the picture we took outside of the nagg's head?? I'm sure it wasn't named after his wife, maybe a horse??