Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take A Seat, Places to Sit in Hyde Park

It was another amazingly sunny and gorgeous day today so we decided to go on our Hyde Park walk. Although the park is filled with the active there are many oppertunities for one to just sit and enjoy the outdoors, especially on a day like today.

If you fancy a bite to eat have a seat at these picinic benches and try not to feel too guilty as you watch the runners speed by.

On sunny days like today relax on these beautiful lawn chairs . . . just make sure to bring a little change because you'll be asked to pay.

As Emilee is demonstrating, you can sit near a sculpture or fountain and ponder a piece of art for hours on end.
Benches such as this one offer great protection on those rainy days in London. They do exist don't they . . . I've heard rumor that they do but I haven't seen many of them!!!

If all else fails, just pull up a piece of grass and take a nap.

A bench in the rose garden.

Seats abound, espcially around monuments . . . Here is Emilee taking in the amazing Australian War Memorial.
If it is a little adventure you crave you can rent a paddleboat and explore the Serpentine!!! So come on and find your seat in the park.

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