Friday, September 12, 2008


Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of . . . England, there lived a king who decided to erect a memorial to the four hundred and sixty British nobles who were treacherously massacred by the Saxons. So he called Merlin who said, "Send for the Giant's Round," which was a ring of stones said to have been transported to Ireland from Africa by the giants. The king's brother set out for Ireland with fifteen thousand men and when they reached the place where the Giant's Round stood they tried to dismantle the stones. No matter how hard they tried they could not dismantle the stones. Merlin saw this and laughed and used his magic powers to take down the stones himself and bring them to England, then erected them again in exactly the same way as they had stood in Ireland. And there they stand even to this day . . .

There are many legends about how Stonehenge came to be. Some say it was a trick of the devil's, others say it was the Druids, but whoever, or whatever, created Stonehenge it is still here today. When my family was here Nathan wanted nothing more than to visit Stonehenge. Although it would have been an amazing thing to see . . . it was probably better not to drive for hours to the middle of nowhere for something that you spend an hour tops at. Luckily for us . . . it was sunny and Stonehenge was on our way to Bath so we got to see this wonder of the world.

Nate, I was thinking of you!!!

A reenactment of Stonehenge (Kaitlyn, Katie, Dasily, and Me)

Hurray for Stonehenge! (Kayla, Hailee, Me, Kaitlyn)

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