Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet . . .

But I might be soon because according to my mom . . . I'm not giving enough detail about my daily life here in the Center. Chill people!!! There are only so many hours in a day and definitely not enough to accomplish everything we want to do in the city, classes, homework, social fun, etc. But I will try to do better. I don't have a picture tour yet but hopefully that will be coming soon, so here it goes:

Monday, 15 September

7:00 - Wake up and start to get ready
7:30 - breakfast (it's great, I just walk down the hall and grab some food that's all laid out for me)
8:00-8:50 - finish getting ready, do a little reading, and go up 2 flights of stairs to class
9:00-10:30 - Religion class (right now it really isn't religion . . . more like British history, politics, etc.)
10:40-12:10 - Humanities 202 (we are discussing the early northern Renaissance in painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, etc.)
12:20-1:40 - Women's Study - basically in this class we are discussing women's place in society through the 17th and 18th Century, today we worked on Romanticism
2:00 - lunch, hurray for apples and pb&j!
2:30-4:45 - homework, I know, I know, this is boring but I really needed to get a lot done today because we are leaving for a 3 day trip on Wednesday and I don't want to be doing homework the entire time!
4:45 - devotional
5:00 - dinner, we have dinner this early so that people can go to plays and performances at night if they so wish. Tonight we had:

Beef Strogonoff
Hot bread (my favorite, we have it almost every night . . . fresh out of the oven)
Sugared Pecan Salad

After dinner I asked Professor Benfell about the Shakespeare sonnets he asked us to read before tomorrow's class. This will sound nerdy but I absolutely love living in the same area as my professors. We eat meals together, we go to class, we go on excursions together, we have interesting discussions . . . it's great! So I was having a hard time understanding the meanings of the sonnets and he sat down with us (there were probably 5 or 6 girls still sitting around after dinner) and read through one of the sonnets and then explained and discussed it with us, which was extremely helpful.

After our Shakespeare discussion a few of us headed out for a gelato. Professor Benfell told us the best shop in our area and we took a nice walk to get some . . . it was the best gelato I have ever tasted!!! When we returned home we retired to the Drawing Room (at first we called it the lounge until a British gentleman informed us that it was definitely a dr-oh-ring room) to read Shakespeare sonnets. We read the sonnet aloud, then read it to ourselves, then had a discussion about what it meant. Well, I didn't really participate, I just listened and took notes and soaked up all the information I could.

Well, that equals the whole of my day. I am done with all my work for the night so I will go read my book, North and South . . . I'm not that far into it but I recommend it thus far. I love you all and am always thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! Thanks for all the detail and letting your ol' mom know a little more about what you are doing so far away!! I'm jealous of the yummy gelato, what kind did you have??

Kenzie K. said...

I had lime (one of my favorites, I always get it) and a delicious strawberry . . . I have never tasted anything like the strawberry one!!! MMM, yummy!