Saturday, November 22, 2008

Westward from the City: Theatre Walk

Are you ever walking through town and realize that you have no idea what time it is? Frantically, you look at your wrist only to find that you have forgotten your watch . . . This situation is one that all of us run into at some time in our lives, but hopefully you will be in a place where you would be able to find the time easily! After visiting Paris I realized that London doesn't have as many clocks as Paris; however, I set out on this walk to prove that I could find out the time anywhere in London.

The Hall of Justices, this building is awesome! I saw it from down the street and fell in love with it because it looked like a castle . . . and what do you know? There was a giant clock visible to all!

This great clock is in the great market of Covent Gardens. It was absolutely crazy today but the clock was a constant reminder to everyone shopping in the area that the shopping day was getting shorter and shorter.

This clock was just on a random side-street . . . but hey, all the passers-by on this street would have no problem with discovering the time if they happened to forget their watch on this fine frigid day.

The steeple of St. Martin-in-the-Fields is visible from a great distance and a great aid on days like today.

This clock stands in the great Leicester Square, reminding all the premier goers what time the movies start . . . too bad the princes forgot to watch this clock. If they had maybe they wouldn't have made the premier for the new Bond movie begin two hours late!

Time is extreemly important in the film industry. This picture shows just a few of the times at the movie theater today.

Luckily, this clock was close to the tube stop so that we could make sure we are on time to our next walk!

But we walked into the tube station a little later and the thoughtful tube system happened to show the time and post the next trains coming to the station.
Unfortunately, time is important in life and if you fail to plan, or follow your schedule, just plan to fail.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun post!
I love the focus of clocks and time. You have learned from your parents "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Love ya!!