Friday, November 7, 2008

"He who cannot be named" - Oedipus

On 28 October we went to see a production of Oedipus the King at the National Theatre. Now as far as Oedipus goes . . . it was a very good performance. Ralph Fiennes, who plays Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, was Oedipus and he did a great job. The production stuck to many traditions of Greek tragedy, such as the fact that all violence occurs off stage and you just see the results. The results were dramatic. Ralph Fiennes is an amazing actor and when he came out covered in blood and gore from stabbing out his eyes and groaning it was just creepy. Definitely worth seeing.

This is a dress rehearsal photo so of course he doesn't have all his gore on but it lets you imagine the scene after he has poked out his eyes. Can't you just see the new Harry Potter previews in your head? It gives me chills.

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