Friday, November 7, 2008

Walking Among the Scholars

When I began this walk I was initially planning on focusing on architecture, but as the walk progressed I started to notice elements of classical design everywhere. It was interesting to discover Greek forms throughout the walk, mixed with all sorts of architecture. It just goes to show how much we depend on the past for many of our concepts of the future.
Here is the main administrative building for the University College of London. As you can see it is very classical in design with ionic columns and a plain pediment.

The classical Greek forms are harder to pick up in this building but you can see some frieze-like decorations under the pediment, and some columns around the top of the building.

The pediment and corinthian columns are quite evident here.

Again, a decorative frieze and a pediment over one of the windows.
Here is another classic design on this Euston church. Notice the ionic design.

St. Pancras Station, known for its gothic architecture, even has some doric columns (do you see them in the double-arched windows?

Even dumpy little hotels have a little Greek in them.

This dental hospital had a beautiful pediment. It was actually quite fun trying to discover Greek forms throughout different buildings and I was able to find some element on most buildings. The only building that I could not find Greek forms on was the British library, but after looking at the building for a while I decided that I really do like the design of it (because I didn't like it at first).

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