Friday, November 7, 2008

Canterbury and Chartwell

On Wednesday, 29 October we had a day trip south to Canterbury. I having been telling everyone how much I love Canterbury from the beginning of the program because I went there with my family, but as we were driving there I began to worry that it really wasn't as cool as I thought it was. After all, it was my first English "town" outside of London, maybe I was just enchanted by England. But after we went to the Cathedral and wandered the town for a while I realized that I really do love Canterbury, it's just so cute!

Anyways, I lost all my pictures from this day because I ran out of space on my computer and didn't realize that all of my pictures hadn't copied over . . . sad I know, I need to be more careful. After Canterbury we visited Chartwell, the home of Churchill before he became Prime Minster. I really liked it because it felt like a modern home, something that I would be comfortable living in.

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