Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holland Park Walk

The Holland Park walk was amazing, it was nice to explore our area a little more. The neighborhood is beautiful and quiet . . . and right in the middle of everything, the perfect combination. From the very beginning of the walk color was the thing that struck me. Although the houses are beautiful, it is interesting to see how each one is individualized to reflect some of the owner's character.

This royal blue house stuck out from among its brown-bricked neighbors. I love the contrast between the blue and the crisp white.

A pastel wonderland . . . these houses were cute, all lined up in a row.

This Indian Red house was bold but not too bright.

If I had to pick my favorite house on this walk it would be this modern blue-gray house. I loved the combination of the red wood, green accents, glass and the blue.

Once we got into the park we got to enjoy the last of the fall leaves. It has been windy the last few days and most of the leaves are now all over the ground. This tree still had most of its leaves.

I would call this color "British-Maze-Garden-on-11 November-Green" most of the flowers were gone but it was still beautiful.

Aren't peacocks so amazing. I just love their color combinations!

And, last but definitely not least, Holland park decided to celebrate me by creating a big letter "H" for Hansen out of flowers. Isn't the red and white just perfect? Go Utes!

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