Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mayfair Walk

One of my favorite things about the Holiday Season is the atmosphere, especially around major shopping areas. A lot of the Christmas movies we see are based in major cities, Elf (one of my favorites) takes place in New York where Buddy helps out a big department store, Miracle on 34th Street also takes place in New York with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and all the big, fancy department stores, etc. It has always been a secret wish to be a part of the "Big City" Christmas rush and this walk actually helped satisfy a little bit of that desire. When I found out that the walk was based in one of the biggest high-end shopping areas in London, I was all for going and being a part of the atmosphere. Even at home, one of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping is the window displays. Back in the "olden days" . . . you know, the ones when ZCMI used to exist? I loved going downtown with the family and looking at the window displays, or just Christmas displays . . . so here are a few from London.
Here is a display from Liberty of London store. Next time you get a really nice coat or a designer dress check the tag for Liberty of London fabric, a lot of the designers use their fabric.

I loved these Christmas wreaths/snowflakes. I just wanted to sing "Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow . . ." and it actually did yesterday. It's freezing here!

This is a display inside Banana Republic. It's kind of hard to see but I just love the red and the shine of the season, you can get away with so much!
Accessorize has decorated all of their stores with Rudolf and Santa and snow, snow, snow!

This street was so fun! There was a long line of snowmen and snowflakes hanging all the way down the street.
Leave it to Swarovski to add a little "Bling" to the holidays. The snow in the window is, of course, crystal.

This display is difficult to read but it says: "Uncover the Season's Secrets." I liked this one because it was all paper, cut and designed in fun ways.

But this one was my favorite! I'm sad that I couldn't get a good picture of it but I just stood in front of the window and laughed. The girls on the walk with me thought I was a little wacko. The two trees in the front actually tipped into the center (to hide the elf) and then tipped out to reveal this picture. Since you can't see it too well, let me explain . . . the center is a elf tied up with tinsle and Christmas lights, he has an ornament stuffed in his mouth and a star on his head. Let me tell you, it was a good one!

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