Wednesday, February 18, 2009


LORELAI: This building is one component of a thirteen million volume collection housed in more than ninety different libraries. It’s the oldest library in the United States and the largest academic library in the world. Breathe, breathe.

RORY: I’m a failure. I am stupid. I am uniformed and ignorant and… I can’t even think of a second synonym for uninformed. I suck. Thirteen million volumes? I’ve read like, what, three hundred books in my entire life and I’m already sixteen? Do you know how long it would take me to read thirteen million books?

LORELAI: But honey, you don’t have to read every one of them. Tuesdays with Morrie? Skip that. Who Moved My Cheese? Just stuff you already know.

RORY: Okay, but every kid coming to Harvard is inevitably reading books, and different books, and I want to be able to converse intelligently with each of them and I can’t do that unless I read books, at least a few from every genre and sub-genre.

LORELAI: Okay, come on. I’m getting you out of here.

RORY: I sleep too much.

LORELAI: No you don’t.

RORY: I’ve been frittering away my whole life.

LORELAI: You don’t fritter.

RORY: Did I mention I suck?

This past Christmas I recieved the first season of the TV series Gilmore Girls from Santa. I loved the series when it was still running new episodes and I still love it now. Gilmore Girls is an art, or rather, the dialoge of Gilmore Girls is an art. If you don't believe me sit down and watch an episode and see how many witty references there are. In fact, each season comes with a little booklet called "Glimore-isms" which defines each reference made in the season. My family laughs because when I get my Gimore Girls fix I sit with my "Glimore-isms" booklet in hand waiting to learn about each new reference. Some I get, such as the more recent popular culture or political references, and some I have no idea about. I'm addicted. I bought my sister the second season for her birthday. It wasn't entirely selfish, she mentioned she wanted it. I finished it within a week. Give it a try, I think you'll fall in love with Gilmore Girls just like I did.


jmb said...

so paige owns like every season and I literally watched each season in less than a week when I was living in New York - I definitely share your obsession.

Kenzie K. said...

I'm going to have to borrow the other seasons from paige!