Friday, February 27, 2009

Continue to Stare

I haven't always believed in the phenomenon known as "tights," in fact, when I was younger I refused to wear them at all. In recent years I have seen the light and have become a firm believer, even while most people around me are still skeptical. I lived in London for three and a half months. Of course I took my collection of tights with me but I soon found that I needed more. Tights are a fashion staple in London. Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Red, Grey, Purple . . . Although I love seeing the bright colors on others, my style has kept me to colors such as grey, black and plum and I wear them whenever I can.

Returning to the "Dark Ages" of fashion in Utah has been interesting. Okay, it's true that fashion trends spread more rapidly today so I may be exaggerating a bit about the dark ages, but despite the Internet, international chains, TV, magazines, etc. it still takes a while for some states to catch on. One of my first Sunday's back from London I went to Church wearing a black lace pencil skirt, a tie-neck, polka-dot blouse and plum tights.

It was obvious that people just weren't ready for meat. People stared. I didn't mind. A few brave ones got up the courage to comment: "Your outfit is . . . um . . . (awkward pause while the girl tried to find the right word and then she just settles for) fun." I smiled and thanked her laughing inwardly because, honestly, I'm not a huge fashion risk taker but these people were looking at me like I had gone mad. I love to dress up but most of my pieces are classic.

Last week I wore this ruffle sleeved plum dress with grey tights and yellow heels.

Again, I got stares. As I was leaving a class a couple girls began snickering as I walked past. "Nice outfit . . ." they laughed. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

Yesterday I committed two "fashion crimes." 1 - tights with shorts and 2 - tights with open-toed heels. (Que - Utahans gasp)

Katie Holmes in shorts with tights. So, my shorts weren't quite this short, I had to go to work and then down to BYU . . . I chose a pair of city shorts (definition: city short = tailored shorts) and paired them with black tights and open-toed, patent leather red heels.
Despite the controversy over open-toed shoes with tights, I like the look . . . as long as the tights are opaque and there is no seem at the toe of the tights.

Some examples of tights:

Colored tights AND open-toed heels! . . . imagine that.

Tights don't have to be "edgy." They can be pretty, feminine and classy. So, my friends who laugh and mock, continue to stare. Maybe you'll learn something. Give it a try. Leave the dark age of fashion. Enjoy tights while you can because we all know that it is only a matter of time until the trends change and you'll have something new to stare at.


Jen said...

I love them McKenzie! I love it when you show up to work wearing the absolute cutest outfits ever! I wish I could look so cute! Keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous said...

McKenzie I promise, if I would have seen you in the outfits you talked about, I would have told you, "YOU look FABULOUS!!"
Utah "normal" people, let's face it, are just TOO DARN BORING!! Live it up girl!! I love it!!

miss brown said...

Let me just tell you, you're preachin' to the choir. Dressing so-called "normal" is highly overrated.

Strate said...

Hahahahaha! I love it! I know how you feel. I have a place in my closet with my old DC clothes. I always feel too dressy when I wear them around here. But I agree on the whole tights thing. I was totally anti, but latley they are my favorite things!!! And I totally get the awkward comments at work, but no people are totally wearing them too.
So just be proud that you are so posh! You are probably one of the cutest girls I know, and have amazing fashion sense!

Laura said...

Tights. Are my favorite. Way to stand up for them...

And you know how I feel about peep toes with tights... you're the one that taught me.

Love you Kenz.