Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Intentions and Harry Potter

I grew up in a home where Saturdays were considered "Holy." Saturday was the one day in the week, free of work and school, that we could play as a family. Chores and any homework we had was to be completed on Friday before we could play with friends. We rarely sleep in on Saturdays, instead we are up early and heading to the lake or ski resort to fit in every moment of play that we can. So it is rare for me to have empty Saturdays, something I dread. But this past weekend was one of those Saturdays. Nate and Avery had a two-day swim meet that would keep the family occupied so I determined that I would spend the extra time I had working on French.

School has never really been a challenge for me. True, I work very hard to understand what I'm learning and to get good grades, but it comes pretty easy. French, however, has thrown me for a loop. It has been a long semester of hard work and frustration with mediocre results but I am pleased that, so far, I am still passing the course. I have to keep reminding myself that one bad grade won't kill me . . .

So I had good intentions for the weekend. I watched Nate and Avery in their events on Friday night before picking up Cafe Rio for dinner and heading home to buckle down. (The rest of the family was attending the high school swim team banquet). I turned the TV on as I ate dinner and was pleased to discover that the first Harry Potter film was on ABC Family. However, Harry and Hogwarts made me forget all about my good intentions for the evening. Instead I found myself in the basement watching the second film when my family returned home.

The next morning I decided to try again . . . and I actually got a little work done. However, Hogwarts was calling. Needless to say, the family ended up watching all five movies last weekend. Do you see what happens when we don't get our skiing fix for the week? We turn into couch potatoes. So much for good intentions.


Matt & Paige Strate said...

I know how you feel. My parents NEVER let us sleep in on Saturdays, so it's weird when Matt and I don't have anything to do. And thanks for the heads up on the date. Sadly, I really didn't notice, and still didn't get it when you pointed it out until Matt explained. Wow, maybe I need to go back to school!

Anonymous said...

You know how you dad loves a good movie!!