Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been a minute . . .

Just after I posted my last post the craziness began. We spent our last couple of weeks in London writing papers, playing, studying for finals, playing, and playing some more. Between it all, Emilee and I found time to visit a daycare on our street as "Santa."
Emilee, Franny, and I outside the daycare. Those Santa costumes were awesome, the waist was maybe three feet around and the leg tapered to about 12 inches at the bottom with an extra foot and a half of fabric after my leg ended. It was hilarious and a lot of fun.

After hours of stress and study our finals were finally over and we had a couple more days to enjoy London stress free. We decided to spend our last day doing some last minute shopping and visiting some of our favorite sites around the city. One of my top places in the city would have to be Trafalgar Square. I just love the fountains and the atmosphere.
Me on one of the Trafalgar Square lions with Big Ben in the background. Later that night, after a good dinner, we took one last walk around the Thames.

Big Ben and Parliament, it's so beautiful at night. Sniff, sniff . . . I'm going to miss you!
After a few delays in the airports I got home nice and early at 12:50 am on the 17 of December. After that it was party, party, party for the Holidays. It was great to see the family and enjoy some relaxation.

Now I'm onto my next country . . . France! Only this time it doesn't involve any travel (darn), well, only to and from classes. This semester I am taking French 101 and it will be another grand adventure, let me tell you! Somehow I was able to make it through high school and into college without ever taking a foreign language. Great right? Well I thought so, but now that I have to learn a language for the first time at the college level it's a little intimidating. (Just a side note, I would have had to take a language for my major whether or not I took a language in high school). So even though this semester is going to seem dull compared to last semester, I think it will be a good one.

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Shallee said...

Welcome back! I'm excited you're taking French-- I speak it and I love the language! It's so gorgeous.

I hope you had a blast in London (and it sounds like you did!).