Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Update!!!

So as I fully expected I didn't do too well at posting regularly . . . but I've decided to attempt again. Update: Just after finals in May I jetted off to Hawaii to spend some time with my cousin who was attending BYU Hawaii. We had a blast! The rest of the summer I just worked, teaching swimming lessons and working at a boating store called Marine Products, and went on the occasional vacation. As of right now I am in my second year at BYU and LOVING my classes, which include Astronomy (it sounded fun and it is the most amazing class), Sociology, Later British Literature, American Heritage, and Public Speaking. And just so everyone knows . . . I have not yet converted (and never will!) to the dreaded blue BYU side. I am still a U of U fan and love to show it!

Just as you might expect there are some very interesting people here at BYU and I love watching them. My favorite group is called the Pen and the Quill club. They dress up in Medieval clothes (cape and all) and practice their sword fighting on the grass, or they set up tents and play their flutes! It's very entertaining. Because today is Halloween the characters have really come out. Walking to class I saw a lion and tiger walking together in full out furry, mascott costumes. Of course there are pirates, and pj wearing babies, and boys wearing lots of strange makeup . . . I even saw Thing 1 and Thing 2 in my Astronomy class this morning. Needless to say, if your bored just come to BYU, (or any busy place) find a bench, and watch the people all around you, you may even become inspired.

I was just accepted to a humanitarian program called Families for Children which works with orphans in Ghana, Africa . . . so I will be doing a little traveling this June! I am so excited to teach the kids over there and just experience the world which has always been my dream after watching my cousins set off on their own adventures! My passport is on its way, which makes everything all the more real!

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