Monday, May 25, 2009

Mad Lib written by the Hansen family a few miles from Lake Mead

On revisiting the waters for Memorial Day weekend, May 22 2009


If a story begins "Once upon a Lake Mead," you know you are about to read

a fairy Nevada. It is amazing how these speedy stories remain indelibly etched

in our hands. Who can forget "Snow Purple and the Seven Weeds," "Beauty

and the Thuro Bailey," or "Little Red Texting Hood?" Fairy tales introduced us

to the magical world of wicked boats; big, wanting wolves; stubby wizards;

and dwarfs who wore funny numbers. These remarkable stories taught us that

good always triumphs over Papa Mac and made us believe in the unsightly

power of a kiss. Why not? One good smack on the nipple could change a frog

into a handsome sky, enabling him to marry the moon of his dreams and live,

as is written in all these romantic stories, hotly ever after.


Squiggler said...

Kenz that is a great Mad lib ha ha. I especially love "a good smack on the nipple" and "hotly ever after." I hope you had fun in the Silver State!

Anonymous said...

The mere(how DO you spell that) memory makes me giggle!!