Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love's Labors Lost

This past week we visited Stratford-upon-Avon to visit a few Shakespeare sites and see a production of Love's Labors Lost by the Royal Shakespeare Company. We read Love's Labors Lost recently for our Shakespeare class and let me tell you it's a difficult one! I read it and still was a little confused, so I read the sparknotes on it and it still was over my head . . . so I went to class and Dr. Benfell talked about it and it STILL went over my head! So my goal at the performance was to connect somehow to the play.

I absolutely loved it!

Okay, so it's not my favorite Shakespeare play. But still, to see it performed by the best Shakespeare actors in the world . . . who make their lines sound like natural English you would use everyday . . . it was incredible. And as always it was hilarious! It is so much easier to understand the humor when you are actually watching the play rather than reading it.

One of the most impressive actors was Zoe Thorne who played the page boy of one of the characters. She is young but so amazing, I wouldn't be surprised if I start hearing a lot more about her in the coming years.

But the star by far was the fabulous David Tennant. Most of you will probably know him best as "Barty Crouch Jr." in the Harry Potter films. You know the guy who does the freaky tounge flick? Yep that's him.

Tennant in Harry Potter.

In Love's Labors Lost he was great as well. The acting was phenomenal!

Tennant relaxing in a tree during the performance . . . it totally suits his character.
If you are ever in London you must see a performance by the RSC.


Shallee said...

How fun! I love that play-- we studied it quite intensely in my Shakespeare class, and it is so witty! I, unfortunately, chose to also watch a movie version of it. You'd think you'd be safe with Kenneth Branaugh...but they turned it into a Vaudeville musical!! So revoltingly disgustingly hilarious, I wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry, or puke.

Anyway, I love reading about your adventures in London!

Anonymous said...

You have NO idea how jealous I am of you!! I have GOT to get to England. Looks like you are making many, many memories for years to come!