Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ranch

So, it's been a while since I posted . . . I've been busy enjoying summer! I returned home from Ghana late the night of June 25 and the next morning Mom and I headed up to meet the Hansen family at the Baucom's Ranch. I've been lucky so far with travelling and haven't really been bothered by jet lag, so I was off and running. After the whole group made it up there we saddled up 17 horses and went for a long and beautiful ride.

We had such a long and cool spring that there were still TONS of gorgeous wildflowers still blooming (as you can see in the background)!

Miss Paige and her long legs prepping for a group photo.

We even got Papa Mac out on a horse!

And what a better way to spend the evening than . . .

Playing with the toys! Here's Jessica with her dad's Hungarian military bayonet riffle-thingy . . . I would hate to have this gun pointed at me, especially after seeing it blow logs to shreds . . .

Amy at the ready.

Ready aim Fire!
The crew shooting into the river bottoms.
Ah! I love vacations!

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