Monday, May 12, 2008

Hurray for Mommies!

Mom and Me
Happy Mother's Day to my mommy, my grandmas, and all the mothers out there who I love so much!

This past weekend was busy but great. Saturday we kicked off the day by watching Avery dominate the lacrosse field. The first game she scored 5 of the 11 goals for her team, and the second game she scored 3 goals out of 7. She is definitely a scoring machine.

Avery is the one with the ball in the far left of the picture (white jersey).

After Avery's first lacrosse game, Dad, Nate, and I headed out to Utah Lake for the first ski trip of the year. It's a little late in the year to get started but it has been a cold spring . . . better late than never though. It was a little chilly out on the lake, the air temperature was somewhere in the mid-60s and the water temperature was in the mid-50s. It was great!

Dad jumping the Sky Ski with snowy mountains in the background.

Mother's Day was great. We treated mom to a big breakfast of fruit, coffee cake, and waffles for breakfast before heading off to church. After church we gathered with my mom's side of the family to have a big dinner. Mom and Grandma

Luckily Indiana was present to solve any problems that came our way.

After dinner we headed to the cemetery to visit Nana and the other moms there. Here's myself, dad, and Avery with Nana.

Just a note . . .

I've gotten some grief from some friends and family about falling in love with, and featuring a Master Craft boat. So to be fair . . . and perfectly honest I love Malibu boats as well. I'll take either one, whichever proposes first.

Signing off . . .

The Future Mrs. Malibu
(or Mrs. Master Craft)

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Anonymous said...

We told you we'd check it out!! VERY NICE!! I hope the Mailbu proposes first!