Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun

To celebrate the completion of my semester at school, mom and I headed down to St. George for a weekend in the sun. Papa Mac warned us that the outdoor pool was broken, but we assured him that as long as there were lounge chairs and sun we wouldn't mind. But the scene was comical nonetheless, with yellow caution tape surrounding the dry pool and someone's hiddeous 60s print chairs that they decided to share with the community. All of this did nothing to hinder our relaxation. Mom of course tanned but didn't burn . . . and I got fried like I always do my first weekend in the sun. My dad says it's becuase I'm a pasty-white European-American . . . but not for long! I got a good base tan this weekend.

One morning mom and I drove up to a walking trail outside the city to enjoy some new scenery as we exercised. I love the desert in the morning and evening when the sun is low over the landscape, it was beautiful!

Oh, and did I mention I fell in love? Well I did . . .

With the most gorgeous boat ever! The length is probably a little bit too long but I love everything else about it . . . especially the color. You can't really see it in this picture but it's not your typical red, it's more like a deep berry-red. Someday I'll have a boat just like it!

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Jordan & Melanie said...

Sounds like you and your Mom had fun. Jordan and I are hoping to go down to St. George next weekend before summer classes start. That's a bummer about the pool. And I know what you mean about getting burnt. I have my dad's skin so I don't tan I burn :0)